Bodhi 0.7.5 release

Tom Lane tgl at
Wed Jun 30 15:35:17 UTC 2010

Luke Macken <lmacken at> writes:
> Critical path package[0] updates now require positive karma from two
> proventesters[1], and a single +1 from one other community member.

Even for security updates?  My experience says that this requirement
will prevent me from *ever* pushing updates.  Case in point: libtiff,
which is a critpath package, has been in testing with a significant
security update for a week now.  Its karma is still zero.  When I get
the "old package" warning in another week, I am going to push it stable
... and if bodhi won't let me, I am going to come looking for a neck to

The proposed policy might be workable if we had a surplus of
proventester manpower available, but we obviously have not got that.

I would suggest a timeout: once the package has been in testing for two
weeks, the maintainer may push it stable regardless of whether
proventesters have fallen down on the job.  Or if you really think
maintainers of critpath packages cannot be trusted to make these
decisions, I would be willing to accept *negative* karma from more than
one proventester as being an override.  But it is utterly unacceptable
for inaction to represent a veto.

			regards, tom lane

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