How to lure me to updates-testing

seth vidal skvidal at
Wed Jun 30 21:20:38 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-06-30 at 14:59 -0600, Nathanael Noblet wrote:

> #1) Easy way to know where a package came from.
> 	For example, as far as I am aware, I cannot query anything that tells
> me X packages are from Y repo. If I were to become a 100% always
> enabled updates-testing, most of my packages would be from that repo,
> however if I only do it occasionally I'd just have to remember

yum list installed pkgname

it will tell you where a package was installed from in the right hand
column after the @ symbol.

> #2 ) Easy way to downgrade if I were to run into problems
> 	I understand that this isn't foolproof, and that for some issues
> (some huge glibc error) my system could conceivably require advanced
> knowledge to boot into a rescue mode, download packages and force the
> downgrade. However some way to view the updates-testing packages I
> have installed, and downgrade to the 'released' version would be
> awesome.
yum downgrade pkgname

it's not perfect but it's not bad

yum history undo for a specific transaction:

> #3) Reminders
> 	Knowing which packages I have installed that I have yet to provide
> karma for. Nothing too insane as I know that if updates-testing was
> installed and I always installed everything from it, there are lots of
> packages I couldn't really know if they worked or had regressions. So
> alongside this feature would be a way to have a whitelist or blacklist
> of packages I want to test or ignore. 


> #4) Easy way to update the karma on packages I've installed

> 	I've heard of fedora-easy-karma, and it likely does what I want, but
> I think it needs to be integrated into a complete tool that includes #
> 1 & 2.

it does.

yum --setopt can be your friend too - check out the yum man page


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