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On 6/30/10 3:38 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Jesse Keating <jkeating at> writes:
>> On 6/30/10 12:29 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>>> I mentioned libtiff in my first comment in this thread.  The other one
>>> is libpng.  But in any case, are maintainers supposed to have to scare
>>> up testers on their own?  Especially for packages that are supposed to
>>> be so central as to be critpath?  If there aren't testers coming out of
>>> the woodwork, this scheme is doomed to failure.
>> It worked just fine when F13 branched before F13 released.  We're
>> putting even more resources into it now, ergo it should work just as fine.
> I see that libtiff.fc13 and libpng.fc13 are now showing "critical path
> approved", for which I thank those who did the work.  I remain a bit
> unclear about a couple of things:
> 1. Bodhi is showing both packages as requested push-to-stable.  Which
> *I* certainly didn't do, and considering they are only at +2 karma,
> this means that the threshold for auto-push is actually lower than it
> was before, not higher.  WTF?  Is the idea here to remove every last
> vestige of the maintainer's judgment from the process?

That is not the idea or intent.  However since we value proventester
karma above all others, it was deemed only necessary to have one
confirming karma beyond the proventester karma.  This is how things
worked throughout the F13 branched phase.  There is a slight wrinkle in
that right now, the bodhi code will automatically request a push of an
item that reaches this karma threshold, and I don't believe there is a
way yet to force it to wait for even greater amounts of karma.  I
believe that fine grained tuning of karma automation is planned for the
next major version (and rewrite) of bodhi.

> 2. libtiff.fc12 and libpng.fc12 are still lonely with zero karma.  Is the
> restrictive policy in force for F-12 too?  I'm even less willing to
> believe that we have enough testing manpower to cover both back branches
> right away.

I believe only F-13 requires proventester karma at this time.

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