FESCo wants to ban direct stable pushes in Bodhi (urgent call for feedback)

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Tue Mar 2 07:03:37 UTC 2010

Jesse Keating wrote:
> Ubuntu is not the first to pick up technology in their releases either.
> They generally wait for Fedora to ship with it first and work out all
> the kinks, then they snap it run with it.  So I really don't buy the
> "but then we'd be Ubuntu" argument, at all.

It's true that Ubuntu is usually one or two releases behind us with new 
stuff. (Though they are exceptions, e.g. Upstart which they developed and 
were the first to ship. They also shipped KDE 4 K3b a release earlier 
because we didn't feel comfortable shipping an alpha version of K3b in a 
stable release.)

        Kevin Kofler

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