To semi-rolling or not to semi-rolling, that is the question...

Hans de Goede hdegoede at
Sat Mar 6 08:40:13 UTC 2010


On 03/05/2010 06:56 PM, Doug Ledford wrote:
> On 03/05/2010 02:52 AM, Hans de Goede wrote:
>> One size does still not fit all, although this is a great idea for
>> most packages in Fedora for packages in certain niches this is a bad idea.
>> I've said this before (and got 0 response), I believe there should
>> be some divide made between core packages (with core being quite big, not
>> the bare essentials, but also most of all desktop environments, etc.) and
>> non core packages.
> Well, the reason I didn't respond before is because I thought I had no
> disagreement with what you wrote.  It seems obvious to me that even if
> we made a policy that Fedora was primarily stable once released, that
> there would always be exceptions to that rule and things that should be
> updated more aggressively.  So I would not advocate for any policy that
> was absolute and inflexible.  There should be room for human judgment to
> play a role.

Ok I'm very happy to hear that, and hope this will be clearly reflected
in the final policy for this,




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