Move a configuration file

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at
Sun Mar 7 19:42:04 UTC 2010

On Sunday 07 March 2010, Johan Cwiklinski wrote:

Not that I know anything about BackupPC, but:

> If I change the path in conf.d/BackupPC.conf ; users who have modified
> the .conf file will get a conf.rpmnew file ; that's fine.

If apache.users moves from /usr/share/BackupPC to /etc/BackupPC, it'll break 
these setups because the old conf.d/BackupPC.conf that is left in place still 
refers to the old location, no?

> The ones who did not change the .conf file will have it replaced by RPM,
> breaking the apache authentication.

...assuming apache.users was modified and the modified one is required for 
authentication to work?  Is apache.users a config file?  If it was not 
modified, nothing should break.  But I'm guessing that it is a config file and 
people are supposed to modify it so it's likely that these setups would break 
as well.

> Any thoughts about that?

Not suitable as an update to released distro versions IMO.  The way I've 
handled cases like this sometime is to do it only between distro versions, and 
try to do migration in package scriptlets for some conceivably common cases.   
And adding a note about this to distro release notes would not hurt.

One example of such migration (that I'm not at all proud of, but AFAIK it 
ended up working fine) is %post in the vdr package.  Hm, I see I've put a TODO 
comment to get rid of it in F-13 but have happily forgotten it... will do for 
F-14 right away ;)

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