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Tue Mar 9 02:01:48 UTC 2010

On 03/08/2010 04:32 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:

  I'd like to add a thought to this that has not been mentioned yet best
I can see.

  First let me state that I use Fedora every day for business - real
world business and I'm not using it as an IT or computer person but as a
businessman. I am, in my view, a competent administrator as well.

  I believe, as a competent admin, I am capable of choosing how to
manage my computers and which ones I need to be more cautious with etc.

  That said, I believe I these 'fedora' tinkerers  - thos who read the
mail lists etc are not only admin'ing their own systems  but for all
those Aunt Tilly's out there using fedora, there is a tinkerer behind
them admin'ing as they deem appropriate, good old Aunt Tilly's system.

 So, I suggest, that while the tinkerers et al may dominate these lists
and Aunt Tilly does not - we care more about Aunt Tilly's admin staff
than Aunt Tilly herself.

 For the Uncle Ted, who actually bought a system pre-configed with Linux
- it aint Fedora, and he has an alternate channel for support.

 So Adam's poll is more significant, even for Aunt Tilly than some are


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