Meeting summary/minutes for 2010-03-09 FESCo meeting

Peter Boy pboy at
Wed Mar 10 18:42:57 UTC 2010

> There are nearly no facts, so everyone is just
> guessing and many people are just ignoring objections. 

That is true, indeed.

But do we really need detailed statistics to make a good decision?

All of us have an experience with Fedora over the last years. And I
*guess*  ( :-) ) most or even all of them are quit happy with it
otherwise they would have left over time (a guess, not hard statistics).

Therefore, the Fedora project does it basically right! There is room for
improvement, of course, but is's fine tuning, not a decision dead or
alive (as the style of discussion of some participant might suggest).
All participants should keep that fact in mind!

And instead having 2 groups striving against each other we could
concentrate on *solutions* to make *both* happy (both groups are
obviously "relevant", by number and/or by constribution and engagement).
That would be a professional and constructive way to deal with the
situation. Several proposals have been made.



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