F-13 Beta Blocker Meeting 2010-03-12 @ 16:00 UTC (11 AM EST)

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Wed Mar 10 23:50:21 UTC 2010

When: Friday, 2010-03-12 @ 16:00 UTC (11 AM EST)
Where: #fedora-bugzappers on irc.freenode.net

It's that time again: blocker bug review meeting time! Tomorrow is the
first blocker bug review meeting for Fedora 13 Beta.

Here are the current bugs listed as blocking the Beta release. We'll be
discussing all of these:

568106	NEW 		grub		Unable to enter grub menu in F-13-Alpha with console=ttyS0
565848	ASSIGNED	anaconda	LVMError: lvactivate failed for lv_root: Skipping volume group vg_test1148
559290	ASSIGNED	lvm2		LVMError: lvcreate failed for VolGroup/lv_root - 512M insufficient for Fedora install
569377	ASSIGNED	anaconda	CDROM install unable to eject disc - storage: error ejecting cdrom sr0: (5, 'Input/output error')
533746	ASSIGNED	kernel		Fedora 12 livecd freezes at udev on Acer Aspire One D250
568367	ASSIGNED	anaconda	Mounting disks read-only in rescue mode presents error
567346	ASSIGNED	gnome-packagekit gpk-update-viewer does not display changelogs nor updates packages
565879	MODIFIED	anaconda	OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/mnt/sysimage/None'
568015	MODIFIED	anaconda	Both DMRAID and backing disks show up as selectable in step cleardisksel
568334	MODIFIED	anaconda	anaconda 13.31 exception report - KeyError: 'cleardiskssel'

Have an issue you'd like to propose as an F13 release blocker?  Please
consider the following criteria when escalating an issue:


The aim for the Release Criteria for F13 is for our criteria to match up
with our 'gut feelings', so if you see an issue that you think should be
a blocker but doesn't meet the criteria, please add it as a blocker and
mention at the meeting that the criteria don't cover it. Thanks!

To promote a bug for consideration as a blocker, simply mark it as
blocking the bug 'F13Beta'. You can also already mark bugs as blocking
the Final release, if appropriate, by using 'F13Blocker'.

Hope to see everyone at the meeting!

For the record, the command used to generate the list of bugs is:

bugzilla query --blocked=538274 --bug_status=NEW,ASSIGNED,NEEDINFO,ON_DEV,MODIFIED,POST,ON_QA,FAILS_QA,PASSES_QA,REOPENED,VERIFIED,RELEASE_PENDING --outputformat="%{bug_id} %{bug_status} %{component} %{summary}"
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
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