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On 03/11/2010 11:54 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Alexander Kahl wrote:
>> Please define "massive" if you're keeping exactly what's needed to keep
>> everything running and prune anything else by using a sophisticated,
>> tunable garbage collection mechanism.
> The whole point of the exercise was to do a lot of updates. But the more 
> updates we do, the more disk space the old versions you're keeping around 
> are going to eat up.
Again, this is where garbage collection kicks in. For any kind of
rollback system save from "guessing" the old state you'll need some kind
of recording. Nix' mechanism eats much fewer resources than e.g.
complete filesystem snapshots.

>>> and also not compliant with the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard).
>> Yep. It's much better, comparable to the GAC (global assembly cache) of
>> the CLR (Mono),
> Yuck! Do you seriously call that "better"?
Do you actually know the GAC, i.e. have you ever worked with it?

> Anyway, the FHS is not really negotiable.
Luckily the whole LSB is negotiable, else we'd still be sticking to this
horrible, ancient SysV init system.

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