Using generally useful macros

Nikolay Ulyanitsky lystor at
Sat Mar 13 17:10:44 UTC 2010


There are a lot of generally useful macros in Fedora, which are not
described in the Fedora wiki: %__awk, %__bzip2, %__cat, %__chgrp,
%__chmod, %__chown, %__cp, %__cpio, %__file, %__gpg, %__grep,
%__gzip, %__id, %__install, %__ln_s, %__lzma, %__xz, %__make,
%__mkdir, %__mkdir_p, %__mv, %__patch, %__perl, %__pgp, %__python,
%__rm, %__rsh, %__sed, %__ssh, %__tar, %__unzip, etc.

These macros are defined in /usr/lib/rpm/macros.

Some maintainers use them, some do not.

What is recommended way?

With best regards,
Nikolay Ulyanitsky

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