Orphaning qpxtool

drago01 drago01 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 21:52:20 UTC 2010


I am going to orphan qpxtool (http://qpxtool.sourceforge.net/) for
various reasons:

1) I have not used it for a long time and neither do use the hardware
that supports it (it is collecting dust)
2) I lost interests in optical media in general (and as such I don't
have much use for it)
3) There is a new upstream version that I have not updated to, due to
lack of time.
4) I was working on a kernel patch that should make it work without
consolhelper / root privileges but had to stop that for time issues
(well the code is in the kernel just the user space interface
commented out due to some interaction issues with MDT devices).

So in other words it needs more love, so I am willing to pass it on to
someone else ;)

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