Potential F14 feature: Use GPT partition table by default for "wipe complete HD" installations

Jochen Schmitt Jochen at herr-schmitt.de
Fri Mar 19 18:19:57 UTC 2010

Am 19.03.10 17:52, schrieb Jesse Keating:
> Why deal with two different types of partitioning tables?  Why /not/ go
> forward to GPT, I think that's the more appropriate question.
No all operating systems are able to support GPT, so there may be nice 
to have
a hybrid partition schema.

Aspecial if you want a tripple boot system on a Macaintosh system, there 
will be
nice to have this feature, because you can only have four partition in 
the MBR, which
may be assigned as follow:

Partitiona #1    EFI system partition
Partition #2:    Mac OX X
Partition #3:    Linux
Partition #4:    Windows

Anyone in the future we may not have this discussion because all 
computer have moved
to a UEFI systen caused by the 2 TB limitation of the MBR partition 
schea, but now we
have the issue, that we have to support OS which are unable to support 
GPT partition
hard discs.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt

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