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Davide Bolcioni dblistsub-fedora at
Sun May 2 10:03:32 UTC 2010

On Sunday 02 May 2010 10:52:57 Berry, Randall wrote:

>   I have an application I am working on that requires a config file in
> the users home directory. This file is .asoundrc (alsa sound config) I
> need to write a script that does 5 things.

Assuming the format is the same format used in /etc/asound.conf, what you
need is known as a "parser" and you need one which can be invoked from bash.

>   I've gotten all but step 3 and step 4 to work so far but I don't know
> how to tell bash to check for the needed parameters in an existing file
> and if not there append them.

There is a project for writing configuration file parsers


but it does not seem to include one for .asoundrc. A quick Google search
turned up nothing. The functionality you need is probably available through
the Alsa library, but I suspect this would require some C programming.

You might find more helpful advice in the pages of the Alsa project


including where to ask the above question again.

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