Overriding RPM macros

Shakthi Kannan shakthimaan at gmail.com
Sun May 2 12:43:51 UTC 2010


I tried to set the following in ~/.rpmmacros:

  %__cc         /path/to/compiler-gcc

and when I did rpmbuild -bc hello.spec, it shows:

  $ rpmbuild --showrc | grep cc
      rpmlib(ConcurrentAccess) = 4.1-1
  -14: __cc        /path/to/compiler-gcc
  -14: __cpp     gcc -E

But, when I use rpmbuild -bc hello.spec, the configure script still
takes cc as /usr/bin/gcc from /usr/lib/rpm/macros. Why is it so?

Only when I do something like, CC=/path/to/compiler-gcc rpmbuild -bc
hello.spec, does the new CC used for building the package. Why isn't
~/.rpmmacros overriding the default macros?

Appreciate any inputs,



Shakthi Kannan

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