Open Letter: Why I, Kevin Kofler, am not rerunning for FESCo

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Mon May 3 18:38:01 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 3:07 AM, Alex Hudson <fedora at> wrote:
> I think it's a bit disingenuous to talk about prevailing opinion of the
> mailing list otherwise; to me a lot of the discussion looks an awful lot
> like a vocal minority,

Be careful about meeting subjective opinion with differing subjective opinion.

How many individuals vote in the FESCO election?  How man individuals
chime in on heated devel-list threads?  When the voting population is
itself a minority of a larger community its difficult to know what
minority opinion is big enough to be representative of general
thought. it could be argued that the voting record is itself another
vocal minority opinion.

The general election format that FESCO uses does lend itself to
exactly the sort of problems Kevin thinks he's seeing.. even in the
brick and mortar world. There's no defined constituencies for any topological separation of the voting demographic that
helps you point to a specific member of the committee as your
representative.  It can lead to a sense of disconnectedness..even in
the brick and mortar world...especially when there is a strong
expectation of representative accountability.

But I think your entirely correct about an organized slate of
candidates being the correct path to take to address the expressed
general concern.  This is typically how changes in direction in brick
and mortar general election scenarios are carried forward.  An
organized slate of candidates with a stated agenda.


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