F-13 libtool broken by gcc update

Tom Lane tgl at redhat.com
Mon May 3 18:54:01 UTC 2010

Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> writes:
> gcc-4.4.4-1.fc13 has just been tagged temporarily into dist-f13-override
> so that new libtool could be built.  Likely you tried to built during
> that short window or NewRepo has been too slow after it has been untagged
> from dist-f13-override already.

I see.  It seems like this indicates a rather fundamental shortcoming in
the -override tagging mechanism.  If random other builds that happen to
be submitted at the wrong time will see the overridden packages, what
happens to reproducibility?  Can't we either fix it so that only the
specific desired builds see the override, or just prevent unrelated
builds from happening during the window?  This is surely not going to
be the last undesired failure if things stay like this.

			regards, tom lane

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