popularity package context on fedora

Thomas Spura tomspur at fedoraproject.org
Mon May 3 19:25:06 UTC 2010

Am Montag, den 03.05.2010, 11:52 -0600 schrieb Kevin Fenzi:
> On Sun, 2 May 2010 17:25:10 +0200
> yersinia <yersinia.spiros at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Would be interesting to have in Fedora something like this
> > 
> > http://popcon.debian.org/
> > 
> > ?
> > 
> > Look interesting from a QA point of view.
> It's been suggested many times before, but no one has really stepped
> forward to champion it. ;) 
> There is an rpm version being worked on by an OpenSUSE person: 
> http://gitorious.org/opensuse/popcorn
> Something would need to be packaged, tested, etc. 
> Then the problem becomes what data to store, how to store it. 
> It's going to be a vast amount of data, and we would need some server
> to store it, policies around when to drop entries, etc. 
> Not that I think it's a bad idea, It just needs a group of determined
> people to work on and make it happen. ;) 

Wouldn't it be easier to let MirrorManager do that?
This way each mirror can save a counter per package and publish them
statically on the server side. To get a total amount of the data, all
counter files from all servers needs to be collected and that's it.

Maybe a bit less data, than collecting anything like in smolt...

Of course, this does not say 'how many computers out there have package
X'. Maybe it fails and one needs to download a package twice and so on.
But I think this would be a first great approximation.


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