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> Wow,
> Great work on Fedora 13.
> I just installed F13 on my R61 Lenovo. It has the familiar feel that I
> expect with fedora and the installer worked flawlessly and quickly, except
> it didn't automatically pick up another Linux OS, so I added that in
> manually to menu.lst
> Once I installed flash and then added the Fusion repo for multi media and
> I'm good.
> Currently the testing updates are causing some dependency issues, so I plan
> to sit tight and see if that improves.
> Otherwise, great work. Brilliant OS. And easy to use.
> Thanks!
> Carl
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I also had the trouble of Fedora not detecting another Linux distro at the
time of installation. Although I can't remember what disro it was at the
time. But Fedora does seem to have this continuing issue from release to
release. I never seem to experience it with Ubuntu, Debian etc. What's the
story with Fedora and its ignorant grub config upon install? It detects all
Windows OS's just fine but not its own *nix cousins. ;-(

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