Reasons for hall monitoring

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Tue May 4 21:10:39 UTC 2010

Seth Vidal wrote:
>      *  Hall monitors are allowed to send 'thread closure' posts to
> aggressive or problematic mailing list threads to curtail issues before
> they become serious enough to warrant an official warning. When this is
> done the subject line of the message will be prefixed with
> [HALL-MONITORED] and a link to this wiki page is included in the message.

This vague paragraph can be abused to justify censoring pretty much 

Thank you for pointing out yet another undemocratic policy passed by one of 
our committees (in this case the Board) against the wishes of a large part 
of our community, restricting the usage of a mailing list for its very 
purpose: discussion. You can arbitrarily censor any discussion you don't 
like without even giving a reason.

That's all I'm going to add to this subthread.

        Kevin Kofler

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