FYI: NVR issues from f12 -> f13

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Tue May 4 21:21:54 UTC 2010

Here's a list of f12 -> f13 with unclean update paths based on srpm.
I'll work with FES to to go through and get some builds out.  Some might
make it in to F13 final, some will go out as F13-updates.

greater for f12: rawtherapee
 f12 = rawtherapee-3.0-0.20.a1.fc12.src
 f13 = rawtherapee-3.0-0.18.a1.fc13.src
greater for f12: ipa
 f12 = ipa-1.2.2-3.fc12.src
 f13 = ipa-1.2.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: eclipse-cdt
 f12 = 1:eclipse-cdt-6.0.1-8.fc12.src
 f13 = 1:eclipse-cdt-6.0.1-7.fc13.src
greater for f12: lftp
 f12 = lftp-4.0.5-3.fc12.src
 f13 = lftp-4.0.5-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: sos
 f12 = sos-1.9-3.fc12.src
 f13 = sos-1.9-1.fc12.src
greater for f12: evolution-couchdb
 f12 = evolution-couchdb-0.3.4-1.fc12.src
 f13 = evolution-couchdb-0.3.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: pothana2000-fonts
 f12 = pothana2000-fonts-1.3.2-2.fc12.src
 f13 = pothana2000-fonts-1.3.2-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: iptstate
 f12 = iptstate-2.2.2-4.fc12.src
 f13 = iptstate-2.2.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: emacs-goodies
 f12 = emacs-goodies-31.5-2.fc12.src
 f13 = emacs-goodies-31.4-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: lirc
 f12 = lirc-0.8.6-6.fc12.src
 f13 = lirc-0.8.6-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: fusecompress
 f12 = fusecompress-2.6-6.20100223git754bc0de.fc12.src
 f13 = fusecompress-2.6-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: pure-ftpd
 f12 = pure-ftpd-1.0.29-2.fc12.src
 f13 = pure-ftpd-1.0.29-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: vrq
 f12 = vrq-1.0.74-1.fc12.src
 f13 = vrq-1.0.72-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: python-cssutils
 f12 = python-cssutils-0.9.6-1.fc12.src
 f13 = python-cssutils-
greater for f12: perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2
 f12 = perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2-2.015-1.fc12.src
 f13 = perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2-2.005-6.fc12.src
greater for f12: oprofile
 f12 = oprofile-0.9.6-5.fc12.src
 f13 = oprofile-0.9.6-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: xinha
 f12 = xinha-0.96-0.1.b2.fc12.3.src
 f13 = xinha-0.96-0.1.b2.src
greater for f12: pari
 f12 = pari-2.3.4-3.fc12.src
 f13 = pari-2.3.4-2.fc11.src
greater for f12: php
 f12 = php-5.3.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = php-5.3.1-3.fc13.src
greater for f12: rb_libtorrent
 f12 = rb_libtorrent-0.14.10-1.fc12.src
 f13 = rb_libtorrent-0.14.8-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: viking
 f12 = viking-0.9.92-1.fc12.src
 f13 = viking-0.9.9-1.fc12.src
greater for f12: sbcl
 f12 = sbcl-1.0.35-3.fc12.src
 f13 = sbcl-1.0.35-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: gsim85
 f12 = gsim85-0.3-2.fc12.src
 f13 = gsim85-0.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: fence-virt
 f12 = fence-virt-0.2.1-2.fc12.src
 f13 = fence-virt-0.2.1-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: eclipse-slide
 f12 = eclipse-slide-1.3.14-2.fc12.src
 f13 = eclipse-slide-1.3.14-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: anjuta
 f12 = 1:anjuta-
 f13 = 1:anjuta-
greater for f12: terminator
 f12 = terminator-0.14-4.fc12.src
 f13 = terminator-0.14-3.fc13.src
greater for f12: openwsman
 f12 = openwsman-2.2.0-3.fc12.src
 f13 = openwsman-2.2.0-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: k3guitune
 f12 = k3guitune-1.01-6.fc12.src
 f13 = k3guitune-1.01-5.fc12.src
greater for f12: dropwatch
 f12 = dropwatch-1.1-3.fc12.src
 f13 = dropwatch-1.1-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: gedit-latex-plugin
 f12 = gedit-latex-plugin-0.2-0.5.rc3.fc12.src
 f13 = gedit-latex-plugin-0.2-0.4.rc2.fc13.src
greater for f12: drehatlas-xaporho-fonts
 f12 = drehatlas-xaporho-fonts-
 f13 = drehatlas-xaporho-fonts-
greater for f12: libgdl
 f12 = libgdl-2.28.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = libgdl-2.28.1-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: libotf
 f12 = libotf-0.9.9-4.fc12.src
 f13 = libotf-0.9.9-3.fc13.src
greater for f12: libhugetlbfs
 f12 = libhugetlbfs-2.8-1.fc12.src
 f13 = libhugetlbfs-2.7-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: scotch
 f12 = scotch-5.1.7-3.fc12.src
 f13 = scotch-5.1.7-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: debmirror
 f12 = debmirror-20090807-1.fc12.src
 f13 = debmirror-2.4.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: kanyremote
 f12 = kanyremote-5.11.4-1.fc12.src
 f13 = kanyremote-5.11.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: bip
 f12 = bip-0.8.4-3.fc12.src
 f13 = bip-0.8.4-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: maniadrive
 f12 = maniadrive-1.2-21.fc12.src
 f13 = maniadrive-1.2-19.fc13.src
greater for f12: PyYAML
 f12 = PyYAML-3.09-5.fc12.src
 f13 = PyYAML-3.09-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: rcssserver3d
 f12 = rcssserver3d-0.6.3-2.fc12.src
 f13 = rcssserver3d-0.6.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: spring
 f12 = spring-0.81.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = spring-
greater for f12: libhocr
 f12 = libhocr-0.10.17-5.fc12.src
 f13 = libhocr-0.10.17-4.fc13.src
greater for f12: archmage
 f12 = archmage-0.2.4-2.fc12.src
 f13 = archmage-0.2.4-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: dnssec-tools
 f12 = dnssec-tools-1.6-1.fc12.src
 f13 = dnssec-tools-1.5-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: shapelib
 f12 = shapelib-1.2.10-20.20060304cvs.src
 f13 = shapelib-1.2.10-2.20100216cvs.fc13.src
greater for f12: shutter
 f12 = shutter-0.86.1-2.fc12.src
 f13 = shutter-0.86.1-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: ibus-chewing
 f12 = ibus-chewing-
 f13 = ibus-chewing-
greater for f12: preupgrade
 f12 = preupgrade-1.1.5-1.fc12.src
 f13 = preupgrade-1.1.4-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: ganyremote
 f12 = ganyremote-5.11.3-1.fc12.src
 f13 = ganyremote-5.11.2-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: ferm
 f12 = ferm-2.0.6-8.fc12.src
 f13 = ferm-2.0.6-7.fc13.src
greater for f12: x86info
 f12 = 1:x86info-1.25-1.45.fc12.src
 f13 = 1:x86info-1.25-1.44.fc13.src
greater for f12: arora
 f12 = arora-0.10.2-3.fc12.src
 f13 = arora-0.10.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: python-repoze-what
 f12 = python-repoze-what-1.0.8-6.fc12.src
 f13 = python-repoze-what-1.0.8-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: sugar-imageviewer
 f12 = sugar-imageviewer-14-2.fc12.src
 f13 = sugar-imageviewer-14-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: sectool
 f12 = sectool-0.9.4-5.fc12.src
 f13 = sectool-0.9.4-4.fc13.src
greater for f12: gstreamer-java
 f12 = gstreamer-java-1.3-3.fc12.src
 f13 = gstreamer-java-1.3-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: log4net
 f12 = log4net-1.2.10-12.fc12.src
 f13 = log4net-1.2.10-10.fc13.src
greater for f12: me-tv
 f12 = me-tv-1.1.6-2.fc12.src
 f13 = me-tv-1.1.6-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: rply
 f12 = rply-1.01-3.fc12.src
 f13 = rply-1.01-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: woff
 f12 = woff-0.20091126-3.fc12.src
 f13 = woff-0.20091126-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: condor
 f12 = condor-7.4.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = condor-7.4.1-1.fc12.src
greater for f12: simh
 f12 = simh-3.8.1-6.fc12.src
 f13 = simh-3.8.1-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: perl-Config-Model-CursesUI
 f12 = perl-Config-Model-CursesUI-1.103-3.fc12.src
 f13 = perl-Config-Model-CursesUI-1.103-3.fc11.src
greater for f12: sblim-sfcb
 f12 = sblim-sfcb-1.3.4-9.fc12.src
 f13 = sblim-sfcb-1.3.4-8.fc13.src
greater for f12: slim
 f12 = slim-1.3.1-13.fc12.src
 f13 = slim-1.3.1-10.fc13.src
greater for f12: postgresql_autodoc
 f12 = postgresql_autodoc-1.40-3.fc12.src
 f13 = postgresql_autodoc-1.40-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: openmpi
 f12 = openmpi-1.4.1-4.fc12.src
 f13 = openmpi-1.4.1-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: blueman
 f12 = blueman-1.21-4.fc12.src
 f13 = blueman-1.21-2.fc12.src
greater for f12: conntrack-tools
 f12 = conntrack-tools-0.9.13-3.fc12.src
 f13 = conntrack-tools-0.9.13-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: perl-Net-Patricia
 f12 = perl-Net-Patricia-1.16-1.fc12.src
 f13 = perl-Net-Patricia-1.15_07-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: rubygem-cucumber
 f12 = rubygem-cucumber-0.4.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = rubygem-cucumber-0.4.0-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: drpython
 f12 = 1:drpython-3.11.1-2.fc12.src
 f13 = drpython-3.11.1-1.fc13.src


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