FYI: NVR issues from f12 -> f13

John Reiser jreiser at
Wed May 5 01:52:08 UTC 2010

> Here's a list of f12 -> f13 with unclean update paths based on srpm.

Text search is powerful, but a sorted list is even better.

greater for f12: anjuta
 f12 = 1:anjuta-
 f13 = 1:anjuta-
greater for f12: archmage
 f12 = archmage-0.2.4-2.fc12.src
 f13 = archmage-0.2.4-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: arora
 f12 = arora-0.10.2-3.fc12.src
 f13 = arora-0.10.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: bip
 f12 = bip-0.8.4-3.fc12.src
 f13 = bip-0.8.4-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: blueman
 f12 = blueman-1.21-4.fc12.src
 f13 = blueman-1.21-2.fc12.src
greater for f12: condor
 f12 = condor-7.4.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = condor-7.4.1-1.fc12.src
greater for f12: conntrack-tools
 f12 = conntrack-tools-0.9.13-3.fc12.src
 f13 = conntrack-tools-0.9.13-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: debmirror
 f12 = debmirror-20090807-1.fc12.src
 f13 = debmirror-2.4.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: dnssec-tools
 f12 = dnssec-tools-1.6-1.fc12.src
 f13 = dnssec-tools-1.5-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: drehatlas-xaporho-fonts
 f12 = drehatlas-xaporho-fonts-
 f13 = drehatlas-xaporho-fonts-
greater for f12: dropwatch
 f12 = dropwatch-1.1-3.fc12.src
 f13 = dropwatch-1.1-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: drpython
 f12 = 1:drpython-3.11.1-2.fc12.src
 f13 = drpython-3.11.1-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: eclipse-cdt
 f12 = 1:eclipse-cdt-6.0.1-8.fc12.src
 f13 = 1:eclipse-cdt-6.0.1-7.fc13.src
greater for f12: eclipse-slide
 f12 = eclipse-slide-1.3.14-2.fc12.src
 f13 = eclipse-slide-1.3.14-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: emacs-goodies
 f12 = emacs-goodies-31.5-2.fc12.src
 f13 = emacs-goodies-31.4-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: evolution-couchdb
 f12 = evolution-couchdb-0.3.4-1.fc12.src
 f13 = evolution-couchdb-0.3.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: fence-virt
 f12 = fence-virt-0.2.1-2.fc12.src
 f13 = fence-virt-0.2.1-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: ferm
 f12 = ferm-2.0.6-8.fc12.src
 f13 = ferm-2.0.6-7.fc13.src
greater for f12: fusecompress
 f12 = fusecompress-2.6-6.20100223git754bc0de.fc12.src
 f13 = fusecompress-2.6-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: ganyremote
 f12 = ganyremote-5.11.3-1.fc12.src
 f13 = ganyremote-5.11.2-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: gedit-latex-plugin
 f12 = gedit-latex-plugin-0.2-0.5.rc3.fc12.src
 f13 = gedit-latex-plugin-0.2-0.4.rc2.fc13.src
greater for f12: gsim85
 f12 = gsim85-0.3-2.fc12.src
 f13 = gsim85-0.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: gstreamer-java
 f12 = gstreamer-java-1.3-3.fc12.src
 f13 = gstreamer-java-1.3-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: ibus-chewing
 f12 = ibus-chewing-
 f13 = ibus-chewing-
greater for f12: ipa
 f12 = ipa-1.2.2-3.fc12.src
 f13 = ipa-1.2.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: iptstate
 f12 = iptstate-2.2.2-4.fc12.src
 f13 = iptstate-2.2.2-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: k3guitune
 f12 = k3guitune-1.01-6.fc12.src
 f13 = k3guitune-1.01-5.fc12.src
greater for f12: kanyremote
 f12 = kanyremote-5.11.4-1.fc12.src
 f13 = kanyremote-5.11.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: lftp
 f12 = lftp-4.0.5-3.fc12.src
 f13 = lftp-4.0.5-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: libgdl
 f12 = libgdl-2.28.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = libgdl-2.28.1-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: libhocr
 f12 = libhocr-0.10.17-5.fc12.src
 f13 = libhocr-0.10.17-4.fc13.src
greater for f12: libhugetlbfs
 f12 = libhugetlbfs-2.8-1.fc12.src
 f13 = libhugetlbfs-2.7-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: libotf
 f12 = libotf-0.9.9-4.fc12.src
 f13 = libotf-0.9.9-3.fc13.src
greater for f12: lirc
 f12 = lirc-0.8.6-6.fc12.src
 f13 = lirc-0.8.6-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: log4net
 f12 = log4net-1.2.10-12.fc12.src
 f13 = log4net-1.2.10-10.fc13.src
greater for f12: maniadrive
 f12 = maniadrive-1.2-21.fc12.src
 f13 = maniadrive-1.2-19.fc13.src
greater for f12: me-tv
 f12 = me-tv-1.1.6-2.fc12.src
 f13 = me-tv-1.1.6-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: openmpi
 f12 = openmpi-1.4.1-4.fc12.src
 f13 = openmpi-1.4.1-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: openwsman
 f12 = openwsman-2.2.0-3.fc12.src
 f13 = openwsman-2.2.0-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: oprofile
 f12 = oprofile-0.9.6-5.fc12.src
 f13 = oprofile-0.9.6-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: pari
 f12 = pari-2.3.4-3.fc12.src
 f13 = pari-2.3.4-2.fc11.src
greater for f12: perl-Config-Model-CursesUI
 f12 = perl-Config-Model-CursesUI-1.103-3.fc12.src
 f13 = perl-Config-Model-CursesUI-1.103-3.fc11.src
greater for f12: perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2
 f12 = perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2-2.015-1.fc12.src
 f13 = perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2-2.005-6.fc12.src
greater for f12: perl-Net-Patricia
 f12 = perl-Net-Patricia-1.16-1.fc12.src
 f13 = perl-Net-Patricia-1.15_07-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: php
 f12 = php-5.3.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = php-5.3.1-3.fc13.src
greater for f12: postgresql_autodoc
 f12 = postgresql_autodoc-1.40-3.fc12.src
 f13 = postgresql_autodoc-1.40-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: pothana2000-fonts
 f12 = pothana2000-fonts-1.3.2-2.fc12.src
 f13 = pothana2000-fonts-1.3.2-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: preupgrade
 f12 = preupgrade-1.1.5-1.fc12.src
 f13 = preupgrade-1.1.4-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: pure-ftpd
 f12 = pure-ftpd-1.0.29-2.fc12.src
 f13 = pure-ftpd-1.0.29-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: python-cssutils
 f12 = python-cssutils-0.9.6-1.fc12.src
 f13 = python-cssutils-
greater for f12: python-repoze-what
 f12 = python-repoze-what-1.0.8-6.fc12.src
 f13 = python-repoze-what-1.0.8-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: PyYAML
 f12 = PyYAML-3.09-5.fc12.src
 f13 = PyYAML-3.09-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: rawtherapee
 f12 = rawtherapee-3.0-0.20.a1.fc12.src
 f13 = rawtherapee-3.0-0.18.a1.fc13.src
greater for f12: rb_libtorrent
 f12 = rb_libtorrent-0.14.10-1.fc12.src
 f13 = rb_libtorrent-0.14.8-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: rcssserver3d
 f12 = rcssserver3d-0.6.3-2.fc12.src
 f13 = rcssserver3d-0.6.3-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: rply
 f12 = rply-1.01-3.fc12.src
 f13 = rply-1.01-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: rubygem-cucumber
 f12 = rubygem-cucumber-0.4.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = rubygem-cucumber-0.4.0-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: sbcl
 f12 = sbcl-1.0.35-3.fc12.src
 f13 = sbcl-1.0.35-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: sblim-sfcb
 f12 = sblim-sfcb-1.3.4-9.fc12.src
 f13 = sblim-sfcb-1.3.4-8.fc13.src
greater for f12: scotch
 f12 = scotch-5.1.7-3.fc12.src
 f13 = scotch-5.1.7-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: sectool
 f12 = sectool-0.9.4-5.fc12.src
 f13 = sectool-0.9.4-4.fc13.src
greater for f12: shapelib
 f12 = shapelib-1.2.10-20.20060304cvs.src
 f13 = shapelib-1.2.10-2.20100216cvs.fc13.src
greater for f12: shutter
 f12 = shutter-0.86.1-2.fc12.src
 f13 = shutter-0.86.1-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: simh
 f12 = simh-3.8.1-6.fc12.src
 f13 = simh-3.8.1-5.fc13.src
greater for f12: slim
 f12 = slim-1.3.1-13.fc12.src
 f13 = slim-1.3.1-10.fc13.src
greater for f12: sos
 f12 = sos-1.9-3.fc12.src
 f13 = sos-1.9-1.fc12.src
greater for f12: spring
 f12 = spring-0.81.2-1.fc12.src
 f13 = spring-
greater for f12: sugar-imageviewer
 f12 = sugar-imageviewer-14-2.fc12.src
 f13 = sugar-imageviewer-14-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: terminator
 f12 = terminator-0.14-4.fc12.src
 f13 = terminator-0.14-3.fc13.src
greater for f12: viking
 f12 = viking-0.9.92-1.fc12.src
 f13 = viking-0.9.9-1.fc12.src
greater for f12: vrq
 f12 = vrq-1.0.74-1.fc12.src
 f13 = vrq-1.0.72-1.fc13.src
greater for f12: woff
 f12 = woff-0.20091126-3.fc12.src
 f13 = woff-0.20091126-2.fc13.src
greater for f12: x86info
 f12 = 1:x86info-1.25-1.45.fc12.src
 f13 = 1:x86info-1.25-1.44.fc13.src
greater for f12: xinha
 f12 = xinha-0.96-0.1.b2.fc12.3.src
 f13 = xinha-0.96-0.1.b2.src


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