chrony as default NTP client?

Chris Adams cmadams at
Thu May 6 03:06:06 UTC 2010

Once upon a time, Mail Lists <lists at> said:
>   Aside - I also dont understand the motivation to start again and
> reimplement the wheel all over again ... and not take advantage of a
> mature product and work to improve ntpd or enhance it.

The project goals are different.  Ntpd is designed for long-uptime
servers with good quality, stable clocks, and supports external
reference clocks (GPS, WWVB, etc.).  Chrony is targeted more at the
desktop systems, where the system is not on 24x7, and may not have as
stable of an environment.

Chrony was started because the ntpd authors were not interested in
adapting ntpd to other setups.

Chrony would probably be a better choice for most desktop and especially
notebooks (anything that isn't on 24x7); it usually converges to a
stable clock much faster than ntpd (which can easily take 12 hours or
more in some cases).

Chrony is also hardly "immature"; as pointed out in the message you
replied to, it has been around for many years.  As for security, the
last update to ntpd in Fedora 12 was for security as well (and ntpd has
had some major issues over the years).

If you have a legitimate issue with Chrony, state it, but please don't
throw stones in the NTP glass house.
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