Reasons for hall monitoring

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at
Fri May 7 13:25:46 UTC 2010

Burying the underlying issue yet again under the carpet or "Hall 
monitoring" it wont resolve it neither will a shouting contest between 
people do. People will need leave all emotion behind and look neutrally 
at each other point of view and listen to each other constructive 
criticism to gradually build up and achieve a compromised solution 
between themselves and all parties involved.

Everyone knows the underlying issue that dissatisfies so many of the 
community ( otherwise Kevin would never been elected to FESCo  ) and to 
resolve that issue the board needs to step back and look at the project 
in whole, it's members, where it is and where it wants it to be and 
coming up with a clear cut vision of what the project is going to 
achieve and who they are trying to attract while achieving that goal.

As long as the project vision remains clouded and is sending out mixed 
signals the underlying issue will never be resolved and will leave 
contributors stuck in a Groundhog day unable to move on either within 
this project or to another one and the same issue will continue to 
re-surface release cycle after release cycle gradually increasing the 
disruption and the rift in the community.

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