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Guido Grazioli guido.grazioli at
Sat May 8 01:43:30 UTC 2010

2010/5/8 Matěj Cepl <mcepl at>:
> Of course, this kind of development process doesn’t produce distro
> stable enough I could put it on my company’s server (or my mom’s
> notebook), but it could be an ideal distro for developers or
> contributors of any kind

I am a developer and i want my workstation more stable than
my mother laptop (and yes we both use Fedora). Indeed my
home deploy server has F-11, my daily eclipse workstation has
F-12, and i have rawhide in a kvm to do package maintenance.

I dont want to be thrown daily updates on the first two, but i think 8-9 month
is a good enough compromise for an upgrade; so i',m pretty comfortable
with Fedora release cycle.

Even if you don't develop for work, lets say you are contributing to
some oss project, i don't think working on an "adventurous" environment
is a good idea; do you want to be stopped for bugs in libraries your
code base depends on?

So, such an environment turns useful for distro developers, but a distro
for distro developers sounds so silly to me.

On the other hand, i have my living room htpc with fedora and
update-candidates turned on (and atrpms-bleeding to be precise).
So i get all those updates daily, hoping some of the (very minor in
comparison to those i *could* have on my work pc) issues go away.

I have choice; and no, i'm not configuring all like that because fesco told me.
I understand and respect any different opinion, but please don't
imply i don't exists, because i think i am a pretty standard figure in end-user


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