How this bug can come out of its dead-end? Any suggestions?!

John Reiser jreiser at
Sat May 8 15:24:03 UTC 2010

On 05/08/2010 06:31 AM, drago01 wrote:
> The installation DVD is for installing the system that's it.

That's only part of it.  There's around 4GB of data, and more than a few
persons would like to use via PackageKit after the initial install, too.
I frequently install just the "Internet Desktop", then add other packages
days or weeks later.

> Installing software from it afterwards is pointless anyway as updates
> might cause dep conflicts and or provide newer/fixed versions anyway.

Updated media are produced by others.  For instance, Fedora Unity produced
an updated DVD of Fedora 12 as of March 3:
Using pungi I generate an updated DVD in about half an hour (after
updating my cache of the .rpm.)

In many many second- and third-world places outside of larger cities,
high-speed internet is only a dream.  In the US there are several million
persons whose fastest internet connection is a 53 Kbit/second dialup
modem, and tens of millions with only 1.5 Mbit/second DSL.  A physical
DVD via postal mail (or borrowed from a neighbor) is much faster,
particularly when something doesn't work correctly the first time.

Practical progress: Looking at the bug (installation
   media support in PackageKit)
it seems to me that much of the angst involves split media (mounting
multiple CDs.)  Why not implement major partial progress by requiring
that a single platter [only] be mounted before invoking PackageKit?
Then a DVD or the correct CD (typically one of five or six) succeeds,
otherwise you get told which platter to mount before trying again
(perhaps accumulating .rpms in a temporary on-disk repo, etc.)
This is not a slick-and-shiny-100% solution, but it can work.


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