How this bug can come out of its dead-end? Any suggestions?!

Hedayat Vatankhah hedayat at
Sun May 9 09:28:17 UTC 2010

On ۱۰/۰۵/۰۹  11:41, Frank Murphy wrote:
> On 09/05/10 07:52, Hedayat Vatankhah wrote:
> --snip--
>> No, the problem is this: PackageKit does not know how to mount a
>> removable media.
> It doesn't need to.
> --snip--
> Mount DVD as normal.
> your dvd.repo : baseurl:file://path/to/dvd/(repodata)
> eg: baseurl=file:"/media/Fedora 12 i386 DVD"
> enabled=1
> gpgcheck=true
> Why fix a bug that doesn't need to be fixed.
> Above method works for me.
Personally I do know how to use DVD as a repository, but that's not 
suitable for users AT ALL. This bug is about OUT OF THE BOX installation 
media support by packagekit.


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