How this bug can come out of its dead-end? Any suggestions?!

Hedayat Vatankhah hedayat at
Sun May 9 09:35:23 UTC 2010

On ۱۰/۰۵/۰۹  11:43, Ankur Sinha wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-05-09 at 11:22 +0430, Hedayat Vatankhah wrote:
>> Frank Murphy<frankly3d at>  wrote on 05/08/2010 10:51:42 PM
>> +0450:
>>> On 08/05/10 19:15, Hedayat Vatnakhah wrote:
>>>> Please have a look at the last comments of the bug. Most of the
>>>> implementation is done, the only missing part is how to mount the CD/DVD
>>>> in PackageKit!
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Hedayat
>>> If you can install "gnome-packagekit-extra" if using Gnome?
>>> Is houls allow you to choose which sources\repos to use.
>> No, the problem is this: PackageKit does not know how to mount a
>> removable media. As noted in the last comment of the mentioned bug,
>> Muayyad Alsadi has implemented four methods for mounting a removable
>> media: using DeviceKit, using GIO, using HAL and calling the system's
>> mount command. The DeviceKit implementation cannot mount the device
>> because of default system policies (the backend is running as root),
>> GIO has a bug and does not allow mounting, HAL is deprecated, and
>> PackageKit developer doesn't like mounting using the system's mount
>> command!
>> Thanks,
>> Hedayat
> hey,
> A suggestion.
> Instead of working specifically and trying to mount the dvd/cd, why not
> have an option that says "use a custom/local repo"
> It could open an explorer window and let you choose the repo directory.
> Since dvds/cds are mounted by default on insertion, the user could
> easily select it and use it as an additional repo. This way, you
> (packagekit devs) don't have to worry about mounting the dvd/cd media,
> and are also providing support for any local repos that people might
> want to use (copied repos using USB hard drives etc). You won't need to
> get the media.repo and configure it to the correct path etc. too.
> Comments?
First of all, such changes should be discussed with the PackageKit 
author. AFAIK, he doesn't agree with such changes. Also, Muayyad's work 
seems to cover USB media support too (you can see this page for more 
information: And your 
suggestion will not work with split media IMHO.

Personally, I think even the solution to use system's mount command is 
much better than the current situation, but apparently the PackageKit 
author doesn't like it at all!


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