Reasons for hall monitoring

Camilo Mesias camilo at
Sun May 9 11:16:29 UTC 2010

Personally I think Fedora is good at what it does, and although it
causes me some frustration that Fedora isn't better at wooing mass
market users, I wouldn't want to make radical changes to structures
and processes to chase some goals.

There would be much easier and more painless ways to woo these users
without actually changing how Fedora is put together. I'm talking
about marketing, evangelism and education. If there are technical
issues that are found to hold this back then let them be addressed,
but don't change the project and risk alienating the contributors for
the sake of *theoretical* improvements.

Adam - I use Fedora at home - one server and four laptop / PC
workstations. It's very fit for purpose, in fact has less downtime and
is more easily maintained than the two Windows machines we have. My
mum uses Fedora too. At work we use CentOS but that is historical, we
might as easily be running Fedora. I think the barriers to mass
adoption by and large aren't technical. Also these goals really
shouldn't be used as a rationale for changes unless you are sure of
what you will achieve.


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