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Sun May 9 15:54:06 UTC 2010

On 05/09/2010 06:09 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:

> I'm tempted to agree in practice with Matej that it is. I don't think we
> can kid ourselves that we're doing a particularly good job of making a
> desktop for end users; if we were, we wouldn't be being trashed by
> Ubuntu in this area (let alone OS X and Windows). Yes, yes, I know,
> Ubuntu's statistics are unreliable and all that crap. I know we can all

  I am inclined to agree too - we are a ** technical distro ** and a
good one at that. There is a balance between really up to date and yet
still stable ... fedora (tho it struggles now and again) has managed to
largely find that balance.

  Congrats fedora team!!

  I run several servers on fedora (mail, web, file and a couple of very
decent firewalls) in addition to a suite of desktop and laptops running

  Some of the desktops are used by some highly non-sophisticated users
(parents, parents in-law, spouse, children, friends for example).

  I think what makes these Aunt Tilly users work well using Fedora, is
the presence of one or more experienced fedora admins behind the scenes
- who can manage their systems and provide the expertise to add the
missing pieces to make the system just-works for them - and act as help
desk once in a while too! (Some support of course we did even when they
ran windows ... )

  That said, the amount of admin'ing (I include performaing remote
backups over ssh) is generally not too much work - it does include the
occasional vnc-over-ssh to 'fix a window' problem too ;-)

  Fedora has not (wont?) license H.264 like ubuntu ...

  All my users (quite a few) absolutely rest on my opinion/expertise to
make the decisions for them and help them add functionality when needed.

  Fedora is a great distro - we do reach Aunt Tilly too - just not by
her installing F12 herself ... we do it for her.

  Fedora is a strong technical distro - Linus may even be using it ;-)
and it serves  technical users/admins extremely well.

   Fedora is ** The Technical Distro **


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