Reasons for hall monitoring

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sun May 9 20:40:57 UTC 2010

[Well, sorry for posting again to this subthread, but this particular post 
has nothing whatsoever to do with hall monitoring. (Time for another new 

Thomas Janssen wrote:
> And we're gladly acting like it, e.g. x-server not compatible with HW
> vendor drivers at release time (believe it or not, but users were angry
> about it).

We do this because this allows providing the newest Free drivers, the ones 
which we can ship out of the box, which we are comfortable with our users 
using, which are the way to go in the long run, which we can fix if there 
are bugs and which just generally tend to work better.

We were the first mainstream distribution providing Free 3D support for ATI 
Radeon HD cards of the r6xx and r7xx chipset series (see Fedora 12). We are 
now (with Fedora 13) about to be the first mainstream distribution providing 
Free 3D support for NVidia hardware.

I really don't want this to stop, nor to lose all the other benefits of the 
current X.Org X11 release, just to be compatible with crappy proprietary 
drivers which can't keep up with technology. Instead, we need to make those 
drivers obsolete, which we're already well on the way to.

Just say NO to proprietary drivers!

We do not and should never support proprietary drivers. Please NEVER 
withhold a new version of X.Org X11 just because proprietary drivers don't 
support it!

        Kevin Kofler

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