chrony as default NTP client?

Ryan Rix ry at
Sun May 9 20:15:03 UTC 2010

On Sun 9 May 2010 10:26:35 am Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Mail Lists wrote:
> >    The prime motivation of this project is a use case of intermittent
> > 
> > internet connections of 5 mins a day.
> > 
> >   I seriously doubt that is the common use case for majority of fedora
> > 
> > users.
> I think intermittent Internet connections are actually extremely common.
> Think laptops/notebooks/netbooks. For frequent travelers, even only 5
> mins/day of Internet access might be a realistic estimate, though a bit
> extreme. But ntpd is already a FAIL with much more uptime than that.

Here is how I see this: The user installs their system for the first time, 
they set their clock using NTP while they have the connection to the 
internet when they installed their packageset/updates. Now they have an 
accurate clock.

How much drift can happen that each and every time they connect to the 
internet, even if it's only for five minutes, would they need to resync 
their clock? I have NTP disabled altogether on this machine, and since 
I've installed it, it's still within about 5 seconds of my mother's 
Windows machine which _does_ have ntp disabled. 

I find that having NTP enabled in most cases for mobile systems is simply 
unnecessary; there is a large (I would say upwards of 95% in my most 
unscientific guessings) chance that these users aren't going to be doing 
anything which requires their clocks to be synced with any amount of 
precision. And if they are, they should _know_ that and be able to set up 
a tool (whether it is NTP or Crony) themselves. 

Imo the use cases for having a constantly synced-to-the-second clock are 
minimal at best.

>         Kevin Kofler

Ryan "All the clocks on my desktop are KDE Plasma's Fuzzy Clock applet 
with about 10 minute precision so who am I to talk?" Rix

Ryan Rix
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