Retire glib and gtk+ 1.2 from rawhide?

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Mon May 10 03:05:12 UTC 2010

2010/5/10 Orcan Ogetbil <oget.fedora at>

> On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 11:15 AM, Chen Lei wrote:
> >> swami-0:0.9.4-6.fc12.x86_64
> This is the *only* soundfont editor there is in Linux, which is enough
> reason to keep gtk+.
> Upstream did not do any updates recently, but that doesn't mean that
> the software is not functional.
> Orcan
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swami(svn) now use gtk2, don't worry about this, it has a quite active
upstream. Retire gtk+ will encourage software developer to use new GTK2
toolkit and force package maitainers to update packages to the latest
version which don't use gtk+ anymore. An alternative choice is move gtk+ to
rpmfusion just like python 2.4.

For putty(svn), I can sure it works quite well without any patch in F12,
gentoo portage and debian sid now use svn putty.

Chen Lei
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