Reasons for hall monitoring

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at
Mon May 10 04:54:09 UTC 2010

On 05/09/2010 10:27 PM, Mike McGrath wrote:

> Bottom line is we should have done what we're doing now long ago, so we're
> suffering the consequences as a result.  Lots of people with conflicting
> views are now here.  Our lack of focus has just hurt us.
> Have you used OSX lately?

Have you ever talked to Ubuntu/openSUSE users and listened to their 
replies when telling them you are using Fedora?

You will hear answers along the line of too much inconvenience to get 
multimedia working, too unstable (in the sense of low MTBF), "I tried 
Fedora once, but had suffered from xxxx-failures", no usable 
system-config GUI, ...

>  They're playing in a whole different league and
> a whole different game then we are.
Quite likely. But do you think Fedora plays in the league Ubuntu and 
openSUSE are playing?

IMO, no, they are aiming at a different target audience.
It's great that Fedora hasn't! Fedora plays in the league of "developer 
distros" and RH-derived distros.

>  It's not even a comparison.  Not only
> do we copy OSX but we do so poorly.
Note what you wrote: _copy_

As one former FPB member once has put it: Fedora is in danger to become 
a Ubuntu cult - Except that you refer to OSX instead of Ubuntu, this 
exactly what you seem to propose. - May-be it's not obvious to you, but 
by copying you can only loose, because you'll always be second.

> The worst part is we won't get those users back with a marginally better
> product.
Right, but IMO you are taming the horse from the wrong end.

The primary causes of Fedora being on the loose are
* US patent laws preventing users from having a "great multimedia 
experience" (a key feature of "Aunt Tilly" users.
* Fedora being utilized as a test bed for immature SW.
(inacceptable for "Aunt Tilly", adds complications for "non-Aunt Tilly 
* Fedora not having a nice "system setup tools"
(Necessary for "Aunt Tilly")


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