Reasons for hall monitoring

Matěj Cepl mcepl at
Mon May 10 09:33:30 UTC 2010

Dne 10.5.2010 11:26, drago01 napsal(a):
> To have stuff just work.

Go to and ask your congressman to fix it. Otherwise 
(for example if you don't have your congressman because you are not a 
U.S. citizen), you can also try to move Red Hat's headquarters outside 
of U.S. (although I am not sure, it would be enough, you would probably 
ask its biggest clients to move).


A man once asked Mozart how to write a symphony. Mozart told him
to study at the conservatory for six or eight years, then
apprentice with a composer for four or five more years, then
begin writing a few sonatas, pieces for string quartets, piano
concertos, etc. and in another four or five years he would be
ready to try a full symphony. The man said, "But Mozart, didn't
you write a symphony at age eight?" Mozart replied, "Yes, but
I didn't have to ask how."
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