DVD as repo was Re: How this bug can come out of its dead-end? Any suggestions?!

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Mon May 10 09:54:19 UTC 2010

On 05/10/2010 10:16 AM, Frank Murphy wrote:
> On 10/05/10 10:08, Andrew Haley wrote:
> --snip--
>> This is a bad argument IMO.  Many users are advanced in some areas,
>> but not others.  The whole idea that "Fedora is a distro for advanced
>> users therefore it should be hard to use" is absurd.  
> How is it hard to use? excl. patented stuff.
> I can use it!
> I am not a Programmer\Packager.
> Never used a PC growing up or at school.
> Was with Windows up to and incl Vista.
>> The ability to
>> install packages from a DVD just as easily as from the repos would be
>> useful to a great many.
> Look earlier in the thread,
> how to mount a DVD as a repo has been demonstrated.

Yes, it has.  And it's more difficult that installing from the repos.
Which was my point.


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