Retire glib and gtk+ 1.2 from rawhide?

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Mon May 10 11:55:41 UTC 2010

On Mon, 10 May 2010 06:49:23 -0400, Orcan wrote:

> >> At that point you break a cult. xmms still has a stubbornly loyal fan
> >> base (just go to #fedora and start talking about it).
> >
> > Why don't they take care of and
> > additional tickets that have been "hidden" by EOL scripts already?
> >
> That's because #fedora is a channel for users. Not many users can fix bugs.

Users -- particulary those from "a stubbornly loyal fan base" as you
call it -- could and should become bug triagers and testers and give good
support to the "xmms*" packages in bugzilla.

> I consider the number of open bugs pretty low for a classic software.
> And from the magnitude of the bug ID numbers, I can tell that xmms is
> still popular.

Doubtful. It's still installed by some people, because web pages (including
very old HOWTOs/FAQs) refer to it. In other words, it's still being advertised
in questionable ways, e.g. as one way to add MP3 support to Fedora/RHL or
as an app similar to Winamp.
There are users, who give it a try (and some of them may have used it
before), but it would be adventurous to conclude that they belong to a
user base that would make the packages "popular". It could also be that
those bug reporters don't return, and they won't tell in bugzilla.
It's likely that once they see themselves forced to look into a different
audio player, they won't use XMMS ever again. One can only hope that with
the majority of default installs, a different audio player is available
and won't give Fedora users a false impression. Such as that XMMS would be
considered sort of a "standard" audio solution for Fedora.

> Why are they not fixed by the xmms maintainers? I don't know, and I
> wonder about that too.

There is a pattern -- not limited to xmms*. Package owners don't respond
in bugzilla, bug reporters don't add any other comment, EOL scripts
eventually close the tickets, package owners and bug reporters don't
reopen the tickets. What do they do? Do they live with work-arounds?
reported on 2009-09-23 - it's the PulseAudio volume decrease problem
that affects xmms-pulse, too.

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