preupgrade 1.1.6 released

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Wed May 12 14:44:27 UTC 2010

Version 1.1.6
Released: 2010-05-12

* Translations
 - Added Finnish translation (vpv)
 - Added Polish translation (raven)
 - Added Russian translation (ypoyarko)
 - Added Simplified Chinese translation (tiansworld)
 - Updates to Spanish (Castilian) translation (beckerde)

* Bugfix:
 - Generate a valid kickstart when there is no space for the
install.img Fixes rh#587627 (James Laska)
 - Ensure we disable all plugins which could cause issues with
downloading. Fixes rh#587378 (Richard Hughes)
 - Ensure preupgrade is pylint clean (Richard Hughes)

I'm building rpms in koji now.


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