PackageKit need to be more intelligent!

João Neto joao.gsneto at
Wed May 12 21:19:59 UTC 2010

2010/5/12 Michael Cronenworth <mike at>

> Here on an F12 box I typed in "Gtalk" into the GUI search box and it
> found the same results that Seth found for you.

PackageKit is too technical software, it must be more easy to the Comum

The relevant packages must be: OpenOffice, Koffice, KdeGames, Kile, Amarok,

Do you understand?

users do not need to find devel packages from the PackageKit GUI, we need to
search useful packages from here, that is my opinion...

Is too hard to make people to Use Fedora because they are accustomed to look
stuff very easily through the Add / Remove Software tool. In Fedora this is
too hard!

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