ABRT duplicate detection - is it for real?

Karel Klic kklic at redhat.com
Thu May 13 13:17:27 UTC 2010

Hi Christoph,

there was a flaw in the duplicate detection (undiscovered for a long 
time) that allowed to file that duplicates you received.

It has been fixed.

* Mon May 03 2010 Karel Klic <kklic at redhat.com> 1.0.9-2
- fixed crash function detection (a part of duplication detection)


Dne 13.5.2010 14:55, Christoph Wickert napsal(a):
> I'm getting the same bug reports over and over again, for example
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=542393
> Shouldn't ABRT catch the duplicates?
> AFAIK abrt recognizes dupes based on hashes of the backtrace, but the
> format of the backtraces has changed with nearly every new ABRT version,
> so the backtraces will not be the same even from exactly the same crash.
> How to deal with that problem? And what about more complicated cases,
> for example a backtrace where the commandline is different  as
> in /usr/bin/program /home/user/some.file. As user and filename change,
> the hash cannot be the same.
> Regards,
> Christoph

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