Clarification about taking orphaned packages asked

Julian Aloofi julian.fedoralists at
Thu May 13 18:23:17 UTC 2010

I have just taken ownership of the recently orphaned package
'diveintopython' in pkgdb as announced on this thread [1].

Now, while going through [2] I have a question about the instructions
given there.

"If a package was last updated more than three months ago (running cvs
log -r HEAD *.spec can show you this information), you will need to
submit a review request and have the package approved by a reviewer as
if it were new to Fedora. See the package review process for more
information. There are a couple of small changes though, be sure to
submit a 'update' request to 'cvs', and before you will be able to run
the final 'make build' commands you will need to file a ticket w/
release engineering to unblock your package "

The package has not received updates for over three months now (but has
been rebuilt and included in Fedora 13 etc.) and therefore I'll have to
submit a new review request as far as I understood.

What I don't get now is the part about the 'update' request to 'cvs'.
What exactly does that mean? Should I check the package out from CVS and
do a 'cvs update', or should I file an "Update request" (as opposed to
"Review request") in bugzilla against cvs, or something completely
Sorry if it sounds obvious, but I don't know what that's trying to tell



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