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I'm reaching my one year anniversary using fedora, so I guess it's time to stop lurking and start writing, so here goes.

Back in November I added my two cents to the bugzilla report titled "Increase grub timeout".  Today I got a notification the it has been set as WontFix.  The reason by Chris Lumen in his last paragraph states:

I'm closing as WONTFIX only on that basis.  Don't take it as an offence or that
we'll never change this behavior.  I'm just not willing to fix it until there's
distribution buy-in.  Thanks.    

OK, no offense taken, and, I understand that for marketing, saving a few seconds off of boot-up time is an immense selling point, especially when all the distros stand up next to one another and try to write their boot up times into the snow.
Reading the forums and the mailing lists, I don't think I've come across one post that is positive for keeping the timeout at zero, yet, there is a wall to be hurdled called "distribution buy-in".
After close to a year using fedora, I know that the first thing I have to do is change the timeout to a 3 and comment out hiddenmenu.  But as a new user, it took a while for me to figure out what was going on.  I feel for the new user who has a video card that is not immediately recognized and winds up with a black screen after the boot.  I have had this happen to me personally doing an install, and, there have been some installs where hitting esc would not stop the boot.  I've had to ssh into one machine to change the timeout, just so I could add "vesa" to the kernel line during boot.
As someone who spends his time helping Linux users on forums, it would really help a lot to remove this obstacle.  It doesn't make sense to lock a new user out of the grub screen.
Thanks for Listening
Tom Wroblewski

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