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Valent Turkovic valent.turkovic at
Sat May 15 12:26:49 UTC 2010

Description of problem:
Mary needs a gnome clipboard manager, she searches it with "Add/Remove
programs" and finds only one program. She installs it but that is not the
program but perl script.

Mary is very confused.

Please make searching in Gnome Package Kit better for Mary

If you search for clipboard application in Gnome Package Kit it finds only some
strange perl package called "perl-Clipboard"

The problem lies that Gnome Package Kit searches only names of packages by
default and it is not obvious in UI where and how to switch to description

yum by default searches descriptions also:

$ yum search clipboard

perl-Clipboard.noarch : Copy and paste with any OS
parcellite.i686 : A lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
xclip.i686 : Command line clipboard grabber
xfce4-clipman-plugin.i686 : Clipboard manager plugin for the Xfce panel
xsel.i686 : Command line clipboard and X selection tool
MyPasswordSafe.i686 : A graphical password management tool
evince.i686 : Document viewer
fpm2.i686 : Password manager with GTK2 GUI
xfce4-screenshooter.i686 : Screenshot utility for the Xfce desktop

Please make Gnome Package Kit search descriptions also by default and make more
obvious in UI how to switch from searching names, description and file name.

Maybe something like a check box that says "detailed search" and thus search
descriptions also?

Leave out file name search from basic UI, that should be somewhere not easily
accessible by novice users but still present for more advanced users.

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