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Rakesh Pandit rakesh.pandit at
Sun May 16 18:53:52 UTC 2010

On 16 May 2010 21:05, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
> On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) wrote:
>> I just wonder about frequently of upstream releases (as I say before around
>> one in week). Is it normal update it in rawhide each time?
>> About ABI breakage there separate problem in ImageMagick -
>> So, upstream is not carefully there and I never can't guarantee what there
>> no ABI breakage in any update...
> mentioned in the above link. I would say, rebuilding 30(?) packages
> every other week just for an ImageMagick update would be impractical,
> even if it is done in rawhide only. If you are not comfortable with
> detecting the ABI breakage, or if you can't dedicate enough time, I
> recommend to update every 2-3 months.

+1, Keeping a careful look at changes they introduce with each release
and whether it is really worth the hassle.

Rakesh Pandit
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