short window between fedora-release update and resuming of updates-testing

Andre Robatino andre at
Mon May 17 18:50:06 UTC 2010

If I haven't missed something, it looks like there was only a 2-day
window (during a weekend) between the update to fedora-release-13-1
(which enabled updates and disabled updates-testing)

and the next push to updates-testing

and I can't find any public mention of this (though I know it was
mentioned somewhere).  This is crucial information for anyone installing
from an image from before around May 8 (such as the Beta).  If they miss
the window, and then don't update fedora-release first, they end up with
probably unwanted updates-testing packages.

Just wondering, would it be possible and reasonable to have a flag
associated with package updates that enable/disable repos, so that when
an update includes them, do only those, and then notify that enabled
repos have changed, so that another update should be done (or do it

If not, I think these windows should be publicized better, so people
installing from earlier images don't end up with unwanted packages on
their system.  For example, since the Alpha and Beta are announced on
the announce list, that might be a good place to announce this window as

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