short window between fedora-release update and resuming of updates-testing

Andre Robatino andre at
Tue May 18 01:56:09 UTC 2010

Adam Williamson <awilliam <at>> writes:
> The window doesn't matter that much anyway, as by no means all packages
> pushed to updates-testing during the pre-final cycle have been (or will
> be) approved as updates. So it's perfectly possible people who installed
> pre-releases will have what you term 'unwanted' packages anyway. This
> seems to be to be reasonable for those who run pre-releases, but I
> suppose we could write it up somewhere for clarity...

Confirmed - running "yum list extras" on my F13 guest, I got a very long list of
updates-testing packages, even though I updated within the window.  Doing yum
downgrade on each of these packages seems to work fine, so one way to deal with
problems caused by this (I'm thinking of dependency problems when
installing/updating) would be to just downgrade packages as needed.  However, I
decided to reinstall instead, and make sure updates-testing was disabled before

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