Increase grub timeout

Alexander Boström abo at
Wed May 19 17:40:13 UTC 2010

tis 2010-05-18 klockan 12:11 -0400 skrev Bill Nottingham:

> If you're really concerned about needing the timeouts when 'normal' bootup
> doesn't work, then why not write a patch that simply checks the time since
> last bootup (via mtime on grub.conf, or wahtever), and shows the menu if it's
> less than some predefined interval (say, 3 minutes?)

How accurate time does grub have? It can read the clock via BIOS and get
a +/- 13 hour accurate time, I guess.

Maybe a clean shutdown could cause "touch /boot/grub.good" (or
whatever). If grub.conf is newer than grub.good then add a few seconds
to the timeout and show the menu? That avoids relying on the clock.

One problem: Once you do whatever it was you needed to do in grub to get
your system back, you need to go edit grub.conf right away before you
reboot because you won't get another chance.


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