Packages depending on Yelp

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Thu May 20 22:04:37 UTC 2010

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Not all of the packages that use Yelp actually depend on it and the
> current package list seems completely arbitrary.

The reason dependencies on yelp are considered harmful is that they were 
dragging yelp, and with it the entire xulrunner stack, onto non-GNOME spins 
(which also aren't shipping Firefox, so xulrunner is a huge bloat). It was 
impossible to fit the KDE spin on a CD with yelp and xulrunner on it.

Looking at your list:

> $ repoquery --alldeps --whatrequires yelp
> system-config-samba-docs-0:1.0.8-1.fc13.noarch
> gnochm-0:0.9.11-5.fc13.noarch
> xiphos-0:3.1.3-1.fc13.i686
> deja-dup-0:14.1-1.fc13.i686
> system-config-nfs-docs-0:1.0.8-1.fc13.noarch
> system-config-users-docs-0:1.0.8-1.fc13.noarch
> lat-0:1.2.3-10.fc13.i686
> conglomerate-0:0.9.1-7.fc12.i686
> system-config-date-docs-0:1.0.9-1.fc13.noarch
> system-config-services-docs-0:1.1.8-1.fc13.noarch
> simple-scan-0:1.0.2-1.fc13.i686
> moserial-0:2.28.0-2.fc13.i686
> system-config-kdump-0:2.0.3-2.fc13.noarch
> gnucash-docs-0:2.2.0-4.fc12.noarch
> f-spot-0:

many of those packages which do require yelp are optional -docs subpackages, 
possibly for this very reason. I know for sure that we have filed release 
blocker bugs to get yelp dependencies dropped from stuff on the KDE spin at 
some point (release blocking because they made the KDE spin spill over CD 
size) and that this is the reason why things do not have that dependency.

> What is the recommended method?  Two of the packages - deja-dup and
> simple-scan are mine and I have gotten a bug report to drop the Yelp
> dependency on deja-dup.

People are asking you to drop the dependency for a reason. Please do it. 
Let's fight dependency bloat!

        Kevin Kofler

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