rawhide report: 20100517 changes

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Fri May 21 05:44:48 UTC 2010

Rawhide Report wrote:
> mumble-1.2.2-8.fc14
> -------------------
> * Sun May 16 2010 Andreas Osowski <th0br0 at mkdir.name> - 1.2.2-8
> - Rebuild for protobuf ABI change
> - Added redhat-lsb to the Requires for murmur

As already noted by Rahul Sundaram when this change was made in CVS, redhat-
lsb is NOT a valid dependency for a Fedora package, you must fix your 
package to follow our guidelines for initscripts instead:

Also note that the mere presence of an LSB header on the initscript does not 
make the initscript require redhat-lsb. If you're using actual functions 
from LSB, you should be using native functions from our initscript package 
instead where applicable, or just not use those functions.

And finally, please also note that shipping a valid Fedora initscript is the 
responsibility of the packager, just shipping whatever upstream provides 
will NOT cut it in most cases.

        Kevin Kofler

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