Packages depending on Yelp

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sat May 22 15:38:08 UTC 2010

Patrice Dumas wrote:
> I may not be the most qualified to answer that, but it seems to me
> that the manuals are more or less docbook manuals, omf files are just
> metadata for the manuals. So there may be some manuals distributed that
> way that are not associated with a button in an interface. In that case
> the -doc package may be optional, and there should be no yelp dependency.
> I recall that it was the case for gnash for some time. At least some of
> the manuals weren't associated with the user interface.

FYI, the Gnash manual doesn't build at all at the moment and hasn't for a 
while. You disabled it at some point, I tried reenabling it, it still 
failed, so it's still disabled. And the UI has never offered it.

        Kevin Kofler

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